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Ingredient Spotlight: Beeswax

One of the main ingredients in our All Purpose Cream and our Lip Lubes is beeswax. We use it because not only does it help hold all the other ingredients together and make our cream smooth and rich, but it has lots of natural healing and antimicrobial properties itself! Plus, it smells so good. What […]

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Groundhog’s Day

…and why we’re hoping for six more weeks of winter. Mom and I got out for a wonderful ski yesterday, from the top of the Virginia City Hill to Oxalotle Lakes, in celebration of Mom’s favorite holiday. Groundhog’s day is invariably wonderful in Montana, because if it’s snowing like the blazes and colder than the […]

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We believe in: Chopping Wood

One thing we sturdy girls really get a kick out of is chopping wood. What??? you say? But that’s a chore. We know. But it’s unanimous around the house: we think swinging that big ol’ maul into a block that’s this big around is nothing short of awesome. Besides that completely satisfying feeling of utter productivity, I’ve […]

Sturdy Girl for Eczema

We can’t say Sturdy Girl will cure your eczema, but we can say that it has helped a lot of people.  We recently received this testimony: “Hi. I recently got Sturdy Girl all-purpose cream as gift, and although I have only used it twice so far, THIS STUFF WORKS! I have hereditary eczema, and this […]

Testimonial time

We’ve been getting a lot of orders for the Christmas gifts lately, and lots of kind words from all of our fans. Sue from Missoula wrote us this note: “I happened upon your tent at The Red Ants Pants Festival this past summer. After being treated to a nice hand washing and a trial application […]

New Products!

  Handmade Soap and Sturdy Girl gift bags! NOTE 7-6-2015: Handmade soap is no longer available for sale. Thanks for your interest! I just added two new products to our website: We now have our classic rough-cut handmade soap in lots of wonderful but not overwhelming scents.  (Little known fact: we use recycled cardboard mailing […]

Another Testimonial

This testimonial came in yesterday from our friend Debra McNeil, who says: “I was making salsa and some of the oil from the jalapeno came through my rubber gloves.  (Now I know, get some surgical gloves!)  It really burned and intense hand washing didn’t help at all.  So I grabbed my handy jar of Sturdy […]

Define Sturdy Girl

I just found this definition on Urban Dictionary: (You can see the full definition here, although I’m not as fond as the second definition…) 1. Sturdy Girl 1. A sturdy girl is any woman who is… well… sturdy. A woman capable of standing on her own two feet and probably equally capable of climbing rocks. Considering that I […]